Control Of Dogs - Responsible dog ownership


Having your dog under your control at all times.

Example: If you are at work all day and you let your dog out for an unsupervised run when you get home (even for a short period of time) you have no idea what your dog may do.

If you live in an urban area your dog can cause at the very least nuisance to pedestrians, cars, cyclist and Guide Dogs and in a rural area your dog can worry livestock i.e.

Sheep (Even the most domesticated dog can return to it’s pack instincts and worry sheep). You as the owner are liable for any damage caused in such events.

Holding a dog licence which may be purchased at your local post office for a fee of €12.70.  If you do not hold a current dog licence you can be liable for an on the spot fine of €30.00 or a fine of €1,270 for each offence should court proceedings be instigated.