Responsible Dog Ownership

If you are the owner of a dog or considering getting a dog , you should consider the following

• Choose a dog which is suitable to your family circumstances.

• Get an annual licence for your dog.

• Make sure the dog has collar identification at all times (as this will help reunite you with your dog if your dog is lost). In addition having your dog microchiped, is a good way of finding your dog if it is lost or stolen.

• Keep the dog under control at all times. (To prevent sheep worrying and dog nuisance.)

• Have consideration for others (Guide Dogs, elderly, children etc.) if you have your dog in a public place i.e keep your dog on a leash.

• Clean up after your dog if it fouls in a public place.

• Give your name and address if requested by the Dog Warden.

• Neuter your dog if you do not intend breeding from it.

• Vaccinate and worm your dog regularly.

• Feed the dog in proportion to it’s size and exercise needs.

• Exercise your dog regularly.

Some of the above are statutory obligations and some are the unwritten rules of responsible dog ownership etiquette.